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Wein n99 Pandemic Flu Viramask

Wein N99 Pandemic Flu Protection ViraMask With Viraseal

shipped as just 1 mask From WEIN - Wein ViraMask N99ESC- The Latest Generation of Advanced Face Masks for Enhanced Respiratory Protection -This mask is designed for the general population who need extra protection in public venues such as supermarkets, airports, airplanes, train stations or anywhere else there is a risk for airborne virus exposure. -Stan Weinberg, CEO and Inventor for Wein Products Inc. has a saying " If the Mask leaks, nothing else matters". We could not agree more. -9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have taught us that we can never be too prepared for the next disaster. If a disaster came to your community, would your family be ready? Would you have sufficient respiratory protection to help prevent infection? -When it comes to face masks, a good fit is absolutely essential. Disposable Viramask N99ESC has an advanced certified N99 filter, which means that it has more protection of standard N95 masks.



The Wein n99 mask is the latest generation of advanced face masks for enhanced respiratory protection. It filters 100 times better than a N95 mask. White pad with adhesive attaches directly over the nose and mouth for the best protection against airborne particles. Disposable, hypo-allergenic, 8 hr. comfort. Fits and molds to any face. Comfortable to wear, easy to talk.


This wein n99 mask is also available in a 10 pack


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